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Mexico! August 18, 2009

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So Aaron & I just got back from Cancun! We’ve never actually been to Mexico not on a mission trip before so this was our first vacation there! (other than my senior ‘missions’ trip which was mostly a vacation…) My parents took the whole Nelson clan down there to celebrate my Dad’s retirement last April! Thank you to Dad & Mom for a fantasmic vacation!

It was pretty stinkin hot, but Aaron & I’s room had a pretty sweet air conditioner that worked mighty fine! It’s a strange feeling to sweat when you’re just standing. My brother ‘likes’ that feeling… RIGHT MIKE!


Baby! July 21, 2009

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It’s a GIRL! Yesterday we got to see her cute little head and tiny hands and tiny feet at the ultrasound! She was all folded up with her feet above her head, she must be a limber girl! She did have her legs crossed for the first 40min so we couldn’t see whether she was a Princess or a Dinosaur! The nurse left and told me to walk around a bit then she’d come back and check some more things… a lot of sweet EGYPTIAN WALKING moves later she revealed herself! Aaron was talking to her saying this is your father, i love you but if you know what’s good for you you better open up! haha she was obidient so that’s good!

Here are some pictures (basically for my Mom and Sisters to see!)

Girl Hupp!

Her little foot!

I'm not sure how you can tell..... :)

I'm not sure how you can tell..... 🙂


A Light Boulder with a dash of Fort Collins May 9, 2009

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So we went to Madison on April 28th to go see the Thermals play and we went early so we could go to Trader Joes and find some Record Store for Aaron. So lots of people were like, Oh you’re going to Madison they’re a bunch of liberal hippies. And both Aaron and I were like ok that sounds good, lots of people in Colorado are like that maybe it will be cool. Not that We agree with anything they do/say… So we get there and it’s totally like a light Boulder with a dash of Fort Collins. So needless to say we were enjoying being in a place that reminded us of home.

I never realized how many crazed liberal, barnes & noble loving, starbucks drinking, apple computer using, sandle wearing, health nuts live in Fort Collins until I move away and what do I miss? all the ‘he’s not my president’  bumper stickers! HA.

But we’re glad to be back in Green Bay!

Check out pictures of our trip here!


Angry & very confused… May 1, 2009

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What the heck does ‘blogroll’ mean??????? I’m sick of seeing it everywhere with no explanation. Am I just supposed to have an innate understanding of this? Why can’t the thing just say ‘other people I know that have blogs’ That would be way more helpful. Wait, maybe there is a way to do that and change it to say that. If so then someone please tell me how I can do such a thing!

Ok, you might say hey AdriElle you dunder, go look it up! Well I just did and this is what I came up with at

No results found for blogroll:

Did you mean blog roll (in dictionary) or Blogroll (in reference)?

Dictionary suggestions: Reference suggestions:
logroll logroll
logroller logroller
bulkie roll bulkie roll
bluegill bluegill
belgorod belgorod
bankroll bankroll
blurgle blurgle
log reel log reel
bologram bologram
buggerall buggerall
blue coral blue coral
bugger all bugger all
bugger-all bugger-all
allegro, l allegro, l
allegro, l’ allegro, l’


Right, Logroll, that’s what I meant.



So We’re Havin a Baby!! April 25, 2009

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We are officially 7 weeks pregnant as of today! Hooray! The impossible has happend (see AdriElle for full explanation).  God really is real and faithful!! AdriElle is due December 11! Sorry it took us so long to post, AdriElle’s parents were here with Alexa & the kids and we’ve had tons of doctor appointments.  So alls well here  in Green bay. how are you? 🙂



I just realized something embarassing… April 1, 2009

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I’ve become obsessed with cats. I’m like a crazy cat woman! I go to the store and I see a picture of a cat on something and I shout out to Aaron “look how cute this cat is!!” I never in my life thought I would enjoy the presence of a cat, but my life has changed.

I updated the pictures on our website and suddenly realized that all the pictures from March were of Oedipus. We just have no friends here so we just fancy taking pictures of how uproariously silly our kitty is.

The next thing I need to do is purchase a fun cat shirt like my America one. And wear it all the time. I’m sure my parents would disown me if they haven’t already for owning a cat!

He likes boxes…



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We have been in Wisconsin for almost two months, but it seems as if we have been away from home much much longer. It has been a learning experience, and hasn’t always been fun, but the Lord has been so so so good to us.  We have been holding our youth group on Saturday nights at a school, and every week it seems to go better. 

Thanks for all your prayers everyone!! More writing later!